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GAGA Resume 선택이 인생을 바꾼다

by XX XX 0000

It is a great pleasure to have an opportunity to introduce myself and my objective of study at your school. I am a transfer applicant to your university in the department of Economics.

Prompt # 1
My intended major for undergraduate study at your school is Economics. The principal aim of my proposed study at your school will be : i) to learn Economic Theory and its analytical tools, ii) to learn an overview of the state and development of core concepts in Economics, iii) to find out the best policy implications for a quickly-developing country like Korea, and iv) to obtain a Bachelor degree in Economics.
In order to accomplish my academic goal, for the first year of my undergraduate study, I would like to concentrate on advanced Micro and Macro-Economics Theory to enhance my analytical abilities. Then, I will take courses on Statistics and Econometrics to provide me with adequate analytical tools. The filed that interests me most is XXXX Economics and Finance.
My future career goal is to be a capable fund manager who possesses an ability to predict various economic variables such as exchange and inflation rates. Thus, it is essentially important for me to study at your school. The Bachelor's degree in Economics will help provide the theoretical background that I need in order to achieve my goal. . I am sure that your school will not simply give me skills to develop my career, but also provide an abiding conceptual framework that will help me solve problems and contribute innovative ideas in any situation.
On the other hand, I believe that future business leaders need to prepare for the ensuring globalization in order to create, develop and sustain competitive advantage. So, upon completing my undergraduate, I plan to study MBA in order to deepen my academic perspectives into various areas such as Management, Marketing, International Business, Statistics, Accounting and Finance.
As for my interest and experiences in the subject, I was able to learn the fundamental principles of Economics through my charity activities in undeveloped countries. For instance, as a member of an "International XXXX Club", I participated in volunteer works in XXXX, XXXX from XXXX to XXXX. The duty assigned to me was to make bricks, warehouses, vinyl houses and so on. Even it was an indirect experience in my intended subject, I could experience in economic activities in the real market place. It also provided me with an opportunity to learn how to associate with others.